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A Banner is comparable to a newspaper advertisement, where you rent certain space for a certain time.
Internet Banners are more effective: they can be animated and more colorful than a newspaper ad. You can also add a hyperlink to your banner, so the reader can visit your homepage or write an email to you. Zum Menu


Where Should I Put My Ad?

As with newspapers, you should look for a site that is made for your customer group. Chinalink is the biggest european china-forum with detailed informations on every aspect of China. Visitors are sinologists, tourists, companies, businessmen or just simply persons interested in China. Chinalink covers Chinese quick facts, culture, business, language and travel in depth. All information is permanently updated. Zum Menu

Placement of Your Banner

Die Aufteilung des BildschirmsChinalink's screendesign consists in a top and a bottom part. The top part bares a banner place and navigation, whereas the bottom part holds the main text. According to psychologists, western readers first see the top left part of a screen, so your banner is at the best possible place. Zum Menu

The bottom part with the main information or text changes on click, whereas the top remains the same throughout a whole section. This means that your banner actually appears on more than one page!

You can choose yourself where to put your advertisement. If you are in the tourism business you should probably consider Chinalink's travel pages; if your activities are more culturally orientated, you'll find it worthwhile to browse through our culture pages. Top pages and navigational crosspoints are more often frequented by the visitors, since he must return to these spots for navigation.  Zum Menu


Bannerprices are calculated from visitor frequency.
You pay per view.

Every month we will provide you with a detailed list of how many views your ad had. In addition, you will have access to an automatically generated statistic on how many clicks your banner attracted.


Payment per View / Impression

What we call a "view" or "impression" is simply the fact that a visitor sees your banner.
Minimum commitment: 5,000 Views, payable in advance. Info anfordern

Views CPM* Total
5000 EUR 4 EUR 20
10000 EUR 3.5 EUR 35
20000 EUR 3 EUR 60
*CPM bedeutet
"Kosten Pro Tausend"

Design & Technical Requirements

Banner size < 468*60 pixel
File size < 14 KB
Format .GIF
Animation <11 seconds
Please send your banner by email or on a DOS-formatted 3,5" diskette to:, W. Odendahl
Fax: +886-7-3630776

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